Capreol Youth Arts Festival
The Capreol Youth Arts Festival was held on August 1, 2, and 3 Trinity United Church, Capreol.

Because of your valuable support, Artsfest '08 was another success. Thank you all!
Shalom. - Michael Shepherd

Hello everyone,
Here are some pictures of the Artsfest '08. I have included a variety from the Performing and the Visual Arts for your benefit. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Colette Pilon,, Graphic Artist

Alexis Auger, 7, Ice Cream Truck

Chrystal Auger, 10, Sea Scape

Alex Carvell, 14, Fireworks

Alissa Dotto, 11, Reflections of Fall

Nicholas Grieve, 13, Sunset on the Vermillion

Hailey Mauro, 9, Flowers, Maud Lewis Workshop

Kyla Hopkins, 17, The Light of the Pearls

Dalton Jones, 13, Group of Seven Workshop

Kendalyn Langis, 13, Waterfall

Roxanne Dupuis, 11, Group of Seven

Taylor Mauro, 13, Catapult

Katie Prevost & Melissa Jewett - lip synch act

Logan Matte, vocal

Sydney Proulx, vocal

Zacjary Pelland, 13, and Steve Rutchinski Jamming on Sunday afternoon.