November 15, 2009
Jesse Hamilton sent us photos and comments about his father Art.

Can you help us identify the members of the band and the faces in some of the other photos. Please email us if you recognize anyone.

Wes Bridges wrote:
March 25, 2010.

Hi Gary,

I was checking out capreolonline.com and came across a picture of the band and I
think that you have about 6 of them there. One is named Arnold Paul Robinson of 1909
his father was David Johnathan Robinson.

The lad that is labelled #1 I'm certain is may Uncle, his name is David Bruce Clark
of 1910 his father was John Wesley Clark of 1883. "Bruce" as he was called was very
musical and enjoyed that sort of thing all his life.

Arnold and Bruce were related to each other, Arnold's Father was Uncle to Bruce's
Mother, her maiden name was Ida Jane Strachan and of course she married John Wesley

I'm really enjoying the site it is excellent and I encourage you to keep on trucking
I can tell by most of the comments that everyone else enjoys it also. Thank you so

Wes Bridge,
Capreol, ON.

Patrick Robinson writes:

I saw your photo at Capreolonline and I believe the fellow with the
saxophone was my father Arnold Robinson.
Arnold Paul Robinson was born in 1909 at Parry Sound and the David Robinson
family moved to Capreol about 1916 as the CNoR moved west.
I know Dad played in different bands around Capreol and then picked it up
again after he retired here in Edmonton.
He passed away in 1986.
Among Arnold's brothers was the late Glen Robinson (Glen and Pauline) who
lived all of his life in Capreol until just before his death when he and
Pauline moved to Markstay.
Can you send me a clearer copy of that photo?
I would appreciate it.
Are you from Capreol as well?

Patrick Robinson,
Edmonton AB

Jesse Hamilton writes:

My father is the one at the left rear nearest the door. I believe this was taken in the Capreol high school about 1926? I am not sure of this BUT the young lady on the lower left looks like a lady named Nettie Roe (Rheault?) I was told she lived in Barrie but am not sure of this!
The best guess is 1930 - 1940. Maybe when you put it online there will be an older child of one of the others who would remember? It would be nice to have all the names. I know my father also played the piano and trumpet. Perhaps more stories will come in on this one.

Woody Waddell writes:

Hello Gary!!!
Upon looking closely at the picture of the band, I think I know when, where and who the musicians are. This picture was taken at a CCAN meeting at the Millenium Center in 2008! #1 is John Rodriguez on drums. Notice that "shifty"look in his eyes! Next to him, at #2 is "Satch" Colasimone. Notice the look of distrust he seems to have for John Rodriguez! Next to Satch is #3, Fred Lammi! As you can see, his mouth is not even on the sax, and judging by the look on his face, he wants to change his tune! Bill Haystead is #4! He's there because Satch told him to be there! Then Art is in the back! He wasn't going to attend that meeting but his barber was obviously closed! The woman at the ivories is none other than Toots Currie!! She went to the meeting to help keep the mood light, as the restaurant was closed and , she was worried Satch would blindside John R. with his

In the classroom

Here is a lineup before the race from Capreol to the nine mile corner.

This is when Art Hamilton ran and won a race. Circa 1930. They would run from the Capreol Fire house to the nine mile corner and back. I think the nine mile corner is where the Pizza Hut is now? Have a look at a couple of the faces in the background. I wonder if the old fire truck is still there?