Looking Back
CN Building Demolished

The CN building, built around 1961, is being torn down

In the late 1970's CN departments were moved away from Capreol The building was then
moth balled, heat and water turned off.

When the Liberal Government decided they wanted to make long hauls from Capreol to Hornepayne and Toronto, attempts were made by the Town of Capreol to convert the office building to a bunk house for the running trade. That project came to naught for unknown reasons. One of the objections raised was that the proximity to the yard would not not be conducive to peacefull sleep. The crews were ferried to hotels in Sudbury.

When long hauls were re-established part of the old high school, now he Millennium Centre, was converted to bunk house accomodations.

(I am sure many of you have memories, fond ones or not so fond ones, of this building. Send us you strories.)

Terry Ichiiwa writes:

Hi Gary,

I seem to always picture the CN Offices in the background of my memories of sitting on the passenger train and from the train watching the kids outside sell their baskets of blueberries to those passing through.

I am sad to see that it will be gone as it has pretty much been a permanent fixture in Capreol's downtown core for all of my life (I was born in 1963 and as stated in story, it first came to be in 1961). I usually come back to Capreol to visit at least once a year and every time I come back, I notice something has changed whether it be something has vanished or there is something new that has been built. Unfortunately it seems that more often there is something that has been 'torn down' rather than 'something new that has been built'. But I still enjoy coming back as it will always be home to me.

Terry Ichiiwa (Dimmel)

Surrey, BC


That building was at the heart of the beginning of my railroad career. I remember the nervous walk up the stairs to Ray Constantin's office for the job interview and running happily down again with the good news I had the job.

More nerves as I reported for my first day in the Mail Room to my new boss, Jack Desrochers. After that there were many trips up and down those stairs in a day, working in the mailroom meant taking your wire basket to every office to deliver and then collect mail 3 times a day. After awhile there were temporary jobs in other departments..Engineering, Transportation, Accounting, Employee Relations, File Clerk in our own department and even relief Switchboard Operator. I learned a lot about how the railroad ran..mostly, it seemed, on paper!

I moved on, across the tracks to Car Control and then to MacMillan Yard in Toronto but every time I came home, looking at the Admin. Building always made me think of how it all began. It won't be the same without it, another one of those things you don't know what you have till it's gone.

Joan Gibson Currie