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Two words bring it all back!
Nice guy!

I remember one night Knobby Clark Chief of the Capreol Police was in his office with the cruiser parked out front, as always, I snuck behind the cruiser and let the air out of both his back tires...Then hide and waited till he came out for a patrol, that was around '67 or '68.
Knobby was not impressed when he seen what happened....

Linda Derkacz:
Growing up in Hanmer, one day my brother and his friends pedalled their bicycles to the beach one hot summer day. At that time Capreol had a bicycle license and seeing my brother did not have one the police turned them away from the town due to not having a bicycle license, no way wouldn't let them swim in the river.

Rudy Mazzuca:
I remember whent the police officer would go and check every business in Capreol to see if the doors were locked.