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Your comments on the 2007 events

2007 Capreol Days/Reunion- What a Hit!!


Just wanted to pass my thanks and gratitude to all of the committee members who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this event the success it was! It was the most awesome time I’ve had since I left Capreol 34 years ago. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the people of this town!

Special thanks to Jude, Adam, Patrick & Huck, Satch and Eddy Cap (Vinyl Café) for making my stay so great!

Till next Year,

Garry Milks

Elvis seen in Capreol

Okay, it was Rick Gilbert doing his tribute to the king, but it was exciting.

Rick, Capreol¹s long time barber, has been doing his Elvis show for several years now, and performed as part of the Heritage Days festivities. A good sized crowd came out Friday night (August 3rd) to watch Œthe king¹ ­ roughly 200 to 300 ­ and no one was disappointed.

Despite a rocky start ­ technical difficulties with the lights and sound ­ Rick persevered and proved himself quite the showman.

The song selection ranged from the king's earliest to many of his later hits. Rick's singing was surprisingly good. It did vary a bit, with some songs being better than others, but on most he was spot on. He seemed to improve as the night wore on and his voice warmed up.

Visually Rick, in his spectacular outfit, was a sight to behold. Presley's own mother would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Rick's performance was energetic and entertaining. He didn¹t hold back, throwing himself into the show with every song.

The only criticism is a minor one. Rick sings over-top of a recording of Elvis and that forces him to follow the play list and lyrics exactly. A couple times Rick started joking with the audience only to have to hurry to catch up with a song. Rick¹s a funny guy ­ and quite the talker ­ it would be nice if he could expand on the audience interaction a bit.

It was a great show and I, like the rest of the crowd, was glad I went.

Too bad about the lights. Hopefully next year Rick will be back and the technical gremlins will stay away. I look forward to seeing how he tops this year's show.
High School Reunion - AWESOME TURN OUT
Laura Dines - Kitchen

Just want to send out a BIG CONGRATS to Shannon, Dave and all the other volunteers and coordinators for making the dance a great turn out. It was nice to see so many old faces.

High School Reunion - AWESOME TURN OUT

I can tell you that I have not had so much fun........in a very long time. It was wonderful to see soooooo many young looking old faces....lol...great job guys!!!!

Pauline Burcher (Heckman)

Hi all just wanted to say that i attended the reunion and had a blast love seeing everyone and hope that in the years to come that we can all get together again
Thanks for the great party and keep in touch.