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Capreol Heritage Days Report
Capreol Heritage Days Report
By Stu Thomas

Fantastic! Unbelievable! Capreol is back! Let's do it again next year! These were
just some of the words and phrases used to describe this year's festivities. Well,
we are going to do it again next year!

2008 is Capreol's 90th birthday so the committee is planning Capreol Heritage Days
around that theme; it will be a trial run for our centennial in 2018. A Prescott
family reunion is already being planned for next year to coincide with the
celebrations. The family has decided to take on the job of painting the 6077, the
steam engine in Prescott Park that Harold Prescott was instrumental in bringing to
Capreol. What a great idea!

This year, the Capreol High reunion was the major drawing card and what a success it
was. No one can possibly know how much went into that event. Thanks so much to
Shannon "Prescott" Colasimone and Davey Colasimone and their committee for the hard
work and dedication. Over 450 were at the dinner and an estimated 750 at the dance
and no "incidents". Great Capreol Spirit! Thanks to Les Carriere for the ball
tournament; Kim and Frank Lachapelle for the battle of the bands, the yard sale,
kids games, friday night's Elvis and sunday's program.Thanks also to Stan Finnson
and Bud Dzuirban, who did a great job on the mountain biking and fitness challenge
and to the Youth Arts Fest Committee that had a very successful introduction to an
event that will certainly continue to grow-the sunday venue was standing room only!
Thanks again to the Lions Club who ran another successful duck race and to Audrey
Colasimone and her volunteers who again did a great job on Sunday afternoon and
Monday at the "lake".

A weekend like that cannot go without glitches and we had a few especially at the
dinner and dance; the waiting lines at the entrance, food, ticket and bar have
already been addressed. We would like your feedback/ comments etc. on things that
could be changed for next year and events or venues that could be added. WE ALSO
NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS.To volunteer or to make suggestions, please call or write any
of the following: Shannon and Davey-858 1764 -beautifulbalance@sympatico.ca ,Kim
Lachapelle -858 2442 -capreoldays@yahoo.ca, the museum-858 5050 -normhc@vianet.ca ,
Stu Thomas -858 1277 -ssthomas@sympatico.ca, or capreolonline.

The final figures are not available yet but the museum should receive several
thousand dollars which will help to refurish and repair some of the exhibits. Some
of the proceeds will be retained by the committee to start next year's celebrations.
Monies will also be allocated to improve the lighting display and food drive for the
tree lighting ceremony at Christmas.

There have been suggestions that a Winter Carnival be re-introduced. A committee
would have to be formed to bring this about. The CAN committee, which meets the
first Tuesday of each month at the millenium centre at 7pm, would be able to assist
in arranging a meeting room and leverage help from the city etc., if a group wanted
to work at a winter carnival.

Congratulation to the Capreol Days Committee! Capreol is back. Let's keep it going.
Get involved! A strong community relies on a strong group of volunteers!