Hi Gary

The last picture appears to be the Norman School I taught at in 1965-66. I followed Jim Coleman and taught there for one year. I actually have pictures of the track and field team as well as a picture of Mrs. Eady and one of both of us. I also have pictures of each of the three grades I taught. As well I have a picture of the school. If you are interested I can get them to you. John and Reg Byrnes are my brothers.

Nice to read things about Norman school--and yes it was considered the other side of the tracks--but a good place. - Jim Byrnes

Hi Gary

In looking at the picture I have of the school, the second picture shows part of the school but not it all. I looks like the left half of the school actually Jim Byrnes

Jack Higgins wrote: Hi Gary, enclosed find this picture of the old Norman School (Picture below) burning either in late 1944 0r early 1945 as we had to go to the old curling club by the east crossing for 1 year & the YMCA for another while the new school was being built in time for 1947 I believe.

My Mother taught my Sister Shirley & myself in these years before Mrs. Lynn & Mrs. Eady. Also I have pictures of the new school & some of the students who have previous written letters on this subject, given to me by Jim Coleman who taught the classes of 1962, 1963 & 1964. I agree with Joe Dennie. I grew up Norman and these pictures further down are not Norman schools.

Jack Higgins adds:
Hi Gary, Hope this puts this question to rest. In my first email to you I said I
believed the lower of the two pictures was the old school that was pictured burning.
I did not state that I agreed with Joe Dennie. If you compare them it looks obvious.
,such as the windows chimney & front entrance. I took both pictures over to Tommy Bell who lived next door to both the old & new schools & attended the original one & he agrees the bottom original picture was the first norman school that burned down.& the second school is the one Jim Coleman sent us the photos of along with some of his students. Take care, Jack.

The original School in Norman

The fire

The then, new school in Norman

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Dennis Higgins:
Hi Gary.
The second picture is the new Norman School. I went there in 1951. Mrs.
Hamilton was the teacher at that time. She was Jack and Giles Hamilton's mother.
She was a strict teacher but very good one.
Well, take care Dennis Higgins.
P.S. There was a dump beside Milnet road just a little past Mud Lake.

Larry Ayerst:
Joe made a lot of interesting comments but is a bit off about there being no dump out at Milnet road. As a matter of fact there was one for a short time when the other dump was closed off. The one on Milnet road was not open for very long and by the way we were able to check out the black bears there also. Thank you, yours truly.
Larry Ayerst, Capreol.

Norm Currie:
I agree with Joe Dennie. I grew up Norman and these are not Norman school

Joseph Dennie wrote

Hello Gary,

I would like perhaps to add some light to this subject, in particular
Norman, my town, my Fathers town and my grandfathers town.
I am sorry to say that neither of these photos belong to Norman. The
larger school is definitely in Capreol as your reader said, by the
traffic lights. However the other one was never in Norman.
I lived in Norman from 1946 to 1960 and we had only two then. A
public school on Clyde street and a Separate on Stull Street, which by
the way was the main road through Norman. It was never called Norman
Road at anytime.

We lived on the first small hill at 4 Stull Street and I still
remember our phone number, 390. My Aunt, Haze Menzies was then the
Chief Operator for Bell and she knew more or less about any one and
what was happening in Capreol or Norman. Heh heh.

Norman was always referred to as being on the other side of the
tracks. It was tough growing up there as the people in Capreol seemed
to look down upon us then as , the kids from the other side of the
tracks. But, looking back it was the best memories of my life.
When I went to the Norman Public School, my first teacher was Mrs.
Hamilton, who has also taught my Father and his sisters. My second
teacher was Mrs. Lynn who lived adjacent to Capreol Ball field.

Mrs. Lynn to my mind was an inspiration to us all and I remember she
was a no nonsense teacher. She believed in, " spare the rod and you
spoil the chlld." How many times she cracked my on the shoulders, the
head with that old pointer. I shall always remember her for telling me
that I could be anything I wanted to be if I believed.

My grandfather was Mac Dennie and he was murdered in 1945 by a young
man named Proulx. Mr. Proulx was the only man ever to hang in the
District of Sudbury. I remember my Father pulling a car with his teeth
one summer in Norman for a bet.

I remember many things about Norman, Capreol and Sudbury. One of my
best friends was Mayor Frank Mazzucca, God bless this man and his kind
wife. Growing up in Norman, (by the way people from Capreol used to
call it "DogPatch," a name we from Norman never forgot and I was proud
to wear that name) I never dreamed I would be a friend of Franks. We
later met in the political arena.

I live in South America now, just a 100 meters from the home of "Che
Guevera" and I sure was ticked when my sister Bonnie called me to say
Capreol was online.

Another thing, I do not recall a dump up Milnet road, never was one,
Capreol Dump was the only one I recall, up to the left of the old
curling rink back then. Plenty of black bears there then.Shot some of
them myself, now regret that.
Some old friends. Mike Kelly, the Kelly Gang from Capreol, John and
Gary Goddard, The Hamilton gang, Ken Lynn who was a game warden, the
Bevalaqua gang, ( my spelling is bad )
Itseo was a pitcher for the Capreol Club then. Lloyd Bean the best
damn pool player to ever use Pappys (Del Pappa ) pool hall, Buddy Way
who lived right behind us, Joe Rheault, and so many more.
Well thanks for the walk down memory lane and your time.

Russ MacDonald wrote:

Gary, I grew up in Norman and the big shack in the bottom pic sure brings back memories. I went to that school thru grade 4(1969). We then got transferred to Capreol public school (the old school on the Mazzuca corner where the flashing stop light is. S.E. corner) Spent one year there and went to C.R.Judd for grades 6 thru 8(1971-1973. I had to walk from the far end of Norman to the Mazzuca corner in the very cold winters. One saving grace was the sweet smell of Dapp's bakery. No school buses for us back then. 3 miles up hill both ways(ha ha). Russ MacDonald...

P.S. Gary. The teachers in Norman were Mrs.Eaddy and Mrs. Ferguson. Mr.
Tellenko was the Principal at the old Capreol public school. Both Eaddie and
Ferguson went to C.R.Judd in 1971. I had both of them for 8 very long years.

Steve Vallance wrote:

Hi Gary,
The picture on the top is with out a doubt the school house that I went
to in Norman. I spoke with my Mother Joan and she tells me that she has a
picture of herself with some other kids sitting down in front of the school.
I will try to get it and scan it as soon as I can. I will also get the names
of the other children as well.

Regards Steve Vallance

P.S. my mother says the first school house burnt. I'll let you know.
Laurie Tagliabracci wrote...

My father spent a lot of time in Norman growing up with his friends; he says that
the building that is under construction was neither in Capreol nor Norman.

Earl Harvey as well as Tom Bell attended Norman school; they are both still living
in Capreol.

Anyone who lived on the other side of Norman Road attended Norman school. Norman Road is the main road that leads to Norman beach.

Linda Derkacz wrote:


I tried to email you concerning the Norman School @ the address in there but it came back saying you were unknown,tried twice.

Anyway, I spoke to Walter's aunt in Belleville yesterday mentioning the Norman School. She said there was a small school there then they rebuilt a bigger one where her inlaws lived in Norman. So possibly it is the same building, one older,one newer. She remembered going to a dance there while dating Matt,he didn't have a vehicle then. It was winter time and someone took her overshoes and she had to walk home with her dress shoes in a lot of snow.She married Matt Nesbit and was a Derkacz.

Unfortunately she does not have access to a computer,is a very spry 80 year old and not sure if she will attend the big party in August.Trying to still coax her to come down.

Thank you,