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April 24, 2003
A Rolling Stones Tribute to Ranald 'Cracks' MacDonald
Sunday August 3, 2003.
More than 200 friends of Cracks MacDonald gathered at the Colasimone camps at Ella Lake in memory of Ranald 'Cracks' Macdonald.
The event, initiated and planned by John 'Satch' Colasimone featured, among the usual party events, a video of Cracks and friends, a telling of anectodes about Cracks, a slide presentation, a raffle, and a big screen presentation of the Stones Road to Babylon.The event raised $3,000 which will be presented to the Capreol Lions Club at Peggy's request.
Thanks to Ray 'Mannix' Colasimone, Tony Marquis and Bob Stibler for their contributions to the event and to Mike Skuce for the big screen set-up.
To view the slide show about the life of Cracks you need Adobe Reader v. 6
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From Peggy MacDonald:
I would just like to say thank you to all of the organizers of the Rolling Stones party in memory of my late husband, Ranald (Cracks) MacDonald. To John Colasimone for all his hard work, what can I say, thanks is not enough !!!! To Mike Skuce for arranging the big screen TV, to Stan Thomas for his usual excellence at being MC. To Dave Colasimone for the videos, to my brother in laws, Glen and Allan who came from Mississauga to share in this special event. To Audrey Colasimone for the great meal, to the Colasimone clan for all their hard work and for coming from out of town to share in this special event.To Huck O'Rourke for all his hard work in helping Satch. To Judi and Patti for all the laughs!!!! and thanks to each and every one of you who attended both in person or in spirit. Many thanks to Tony Marquis for his generous donation. A very heartfelt thanks to Ray Colasimone for his very generous donations. Thank you does not seem enough. I find it strange that the winners just happened to be some very dear and close friends of Ranalds. Leggs,Frank, Fitz, Stan...

I think someone from above must have had a hand in that. I'm sure someone had a hand in arranging the weather, arranging for a relatively mosquito free evening and arranging for the rain to start just as the Stones ended.

You know, I am so blessed and fortunate to have such great friends and I think that this event speaks volumes of a person dearly missed and loved by so many people. For those of you who knew Ranal , you know that he was a person who loved life, lived life, was a great organizer and friend to so many people. His gifts of laughter, love and music will live on in our hearts forever. It really warmed my heart to hear so many of the "Cracksie moments' and believe me there were many!!!!

Thank you to all our good friends who attended---Cracks meant a lot to you but remember, as well, that YOU meant a lot to him and for that, even though he is not here is person, we all carry a special love for him in our hearts for having known him. He would have been touched by the tribute paid to him last evening.

In closing, I would like to say that the people of Capreol will always mean so much to me. Even though I have moved to North Bay, and my kids live in London, Capreol will always be home to us. Capreol may be a small town but it is filled with so many people who I am very pleased to call my friends. The kindness,the tributes, the emptiness you all feel at the loss of Ranald mean more to me than you can ever know. I am very honoured to be part of the Capreol community. I have chosen to donate all the profits, that all of you made possible, to the Capreol Lions Club, a Club that Ranald loved dearly and worked so hard for. He would be so pleased.
Again, thank you so much
Peggy, Rob, Mike MacDonald, Virg and Laurie MacDonald and families, Bob and Claire Riehl and families.

Virginia and I are very grateful for the wonderful tribute to a great guy, our deceased son, Ranald last Sunday. We are finding out that his friends the people of Capreol held him in very high esteem and continue to do so every year. It was an extremely nice gesture by you and all those that helped in any way and it will be long remembered by both of us. Thanks a million.
Laurie and Virginia Macdonald, sons Glen and Allan.