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April 21, 2002
Dr. Edgar H. Niebel, Dentist

Back in the 1930's when the Town of Capreol was struggling through a depression and growing at the same time, there was also a dark force in it's midst.

Children would cry and try to run away to no avail. Adults kringed when they merely walked by this place. Stories abound of screaming children and adults leaving this place holding a handkerchief over their bleeding mouths.

Yes, I'm talking about the dreaded visit to Dr. Edgar H. Niebel's "Chamber of Torture" dentist office. Dr. Niebel was a good man and an excellent dentist but just seeing him would send a shiver down your spine.

For many years Dr. Niebel was a regular who sat at the back of the Anglican Church during Sunday services. Catherine Sweezey recalls that when they were saying the Lord's Prayer and came to the part that said and deliver us from "evil" the congregation, especially the children, were convinced that they were saying and deliver us from "Niebel". And here is another anecdote about Dr. Niebel:

A Patient's Dilemma!

In the 1930's, there was a patient of Dr. Edgar H. Niebel who purchased a set of dentures from him. From the start the dentures did not fit properly and they kept on falling down. The patient decided that he should not have to pay for the dentures until they fit properly. Unfortunately, the patient died before the denture issue could be settled.

Dr. Niebel, who liked to inflict pain on people when they were alive, was now about to do the unthinkable. He now inflicted pain on a dead person by sending a bill for the dentures to the patients estate. The estate could not be settled until the bill for the dentures was paid, so, the estate paid the bill. The patient who refused to pay the bill in life must have turned over in his grave. Maybe the patient should have given Dr. Niebel the dentures back before he died but he probably needed them for his funeral!
Alex Nepitt