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March 11, 2007
Harold A Prescott

Harold A Prescott was born in Killaloe Ontario, on December 2, 1911. Harold and his wife Esther, moved to Capreol in the 1940's where they raised their twelve children, Don, Bob, Shirley, Crystal, Haroldene, Heather, Terry, Patricia, Bruce, Reginald, Douglas and Randy (Rags).

Harold was employed with the CNR as a locomotive fire man for over 30 years. During his time in Capreol, Harold was very active in local politics and activities of the town. He ran a successful campaign for councillor in 1951 and served two years. Not being satisified with the results he gained as a councillor, he ran for the mayoralty position in 1955. This was a close election but Harold won the position of mayor which he held for a total of 14 years.

Harold Prescott, Addie Sweezey, Bob Mazzuca and Buste CotirIn August 1956, Harold was a major factor in starting Old Home Week celebrating Capreol's 38th year of being incorporated as a town. A challenge was issued by Harold Prescott, Addie Sweezey, Bob Mazzuca and Buster Cotie to shave your face for Old Home Week. This turned into a great success.

During his time as mayor, Harold continued to promote the Town of Capreol as the "Best Town in Northern Ontario". He designed and promoted our Capreol flag accross the country.

For many years, Harold fought for a steam locomotive to be donated by the CNR and placed in Capreol as a memory to railroad employees. The CNR would not give the locomotive to the town unless it was paid for. Relentless in his fight for the locomotive, the CNR finally gave in and donated engine # 6077 to the Town of Capreol in 1966. Harold never gave up his fight to acquire this locomotive and the town honoured him by naming the park that was to be the home of engine # 6077, Prescott Park.

In his later years, Harold loved a good joke. He often walked around town with his dog on a leash. The thing about this, is that there was no dog on the leash. A stiff leash and harness proceeded Harold as he walked downtown. When a resident approached him and asked him what his dog's name was, Harold replied "ask the dog" and he continued on his way.

One of Harold's Pet RocksAnother thing that Harold had fun with was making Pet Rocks. He would paint rocks and make them into different animals. Many of these rocks to this day, hold doors open in Capreol. If you look at the bottom of your pet rock, you will see the initials H.P. This is the signature that Harold Prescott put on all the pet rocks that he made.

All kidding aside, Harold Prescott did a lot of work for our town and he put Capreol on the map. His tireless and never-give-up attitude to promote Capreol, will live on for generations to come.

Harold Prescott was nominated to the 2003 Railway Hall of Fame.

Doug Prescott and wife Evelyn (met and married here in Windsor 36 years ago)
Grandkids Riley...Brooklyn...Corey...and Savannah..their dad's are my sons Derek and Michael.

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