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July 21, 2002
Who are they?
The mystery No. 1 man is identified. Or is he?

Can you help us identify the persons shown in the photo from the 1950's?
If you can, please email us matching the number to the name

Here are some of the responses we have received sofar.
I am not certain but my guess is:
No. 2 is Belfour Thomas's older brother.
No. 3 is Jack Tye.
No. 5 is Bert Caverson.
I could be wrong, I often am.
Doug Mohns

Hope this may be of some help.
#2. ???Thomas ( Walter, Duke)
#3 Jack Tye
#4 Tye Plexman
#5 Vander Greene
Bonnie Thomson

Here are some suggestions for the picture.
1. One of the Vaillencourts from Railway Ave.
2. Walter or "Pacer" Thomas. 3.Jack Tye. 4. ? 5.. Vander Greene . Hope this gives you some ideas. Check with some of the other "oldtimers". Carolyn Purcell
The 2 people that I know of #3 and 4 because #4 is my dad, Tye Plexman of Capreol and
#3 is John Tye, my great grandfather, as for the other gentlemen I will have to ask my dad, good luck
Fran Thomas

# 2 is Rita Napier's brother, I think it is Walter,
#3 is John Tye, # 4 I think is Tye Plexman and # 5 looks like VanderGreen.
#1 I do not know. I will bet you Reta Napier would know them all.
Rudy Mazzuca

#5 is Vander Green, #2 is Walter Thomas, Duke Thomas' brother and #1 is last name Wilkey, a vet from the war and used to work in the shops. He would also go out to Ella Lake with Jack Tye
. Hope this helps out
Fran Thomas