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December 5, 2004
Who are they?

Who are they

Can you help us identify the persons shown in the photo from the 1950's?
If you can, please email us matching the number to the name

#1 is definitely Harold Prescott and #4 is Herb Jordan, but I'm lost when it comes to the others

Jim Hutchings

#1 Harold Prescott
#3 Emma Kilgour(Nepitt)
#4 Herb Jordan
#6 Fred Johnson

Satch Colasimone

Being a teenager at the time in Capreol, I could be mistaken but I think the man standing beside Harold Prescott #2 is Jack Clark. Jack was an all around utility man around Capreol and did work for the town of Capreol.

Earl Campbell
From Bonnie Thomspon at x_teacher97@hotmail.com
I have been looking at the latest picture and had only identified Harold Prescott (#1) and Herb Jordan. Mom is with us now and has identified the lady in the picture as Mrs. Hudson. She was a Silver Cross Mother one year. We are still stumped about the other 3 in the picture

Alex Nepitt ansports@sympatico.ca