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November 24, 2008
Can you name the team, the members and the year? - email us

Mitch Giroux

Can you identify the team members? - email us

Carolyn (Paul) Purcell writes:

I can name all of these boys for you. Three are related to me. Thanks for the great memories.

1. Robert Krystia 2.Robert Merrsureau 3 Hank Dunsby ( my uncle) 4. Danny Prevost 5. Jim Cushman
6. Terry Crisp (ex NHLer) 7. Grant Dunsby (my cousin) 8. Terry Prescott 9. Doug Paul (my brother)
10. Raymond Auger

Bill Haystead writes:
#7 is Grant Dunsby (Airforce Captain. Killed with all his family in a Pam Am 707 crash in Pago Pago. The family was returning to Shearwater after visiting her family in New Zealand ,for Christmas. He was with VS 880. I was in VU32 at the time. I was pretty devastated as he was a very good friend. #9 is Doug Paul (Jennifer Pauls uncle. Just died this past summer. Working on the rest. Some faces are familiar, but can't put a name on them yet.

Photos courtesy Stu Thomas