September 7, 2009
Hi Gary,
I thought you might like this photo of the Capreol Hotel Colts hockey team, I think 1976-77.
It seems coach Woody is a fine story-teller re; 1920’s Capreol Band members, perhaps he could help you with a few stories on the Champion Capreol Colts.
Cheers, Patrick.

How about it, Woody. Have a story to tell?

Nathan Higgins writes:
Enjoyed seeing the photo of the Bantam Colts. One correction should be noted in the names. Greg Telenko was not on this team as he was a couple years younger than us. I was the goaltender for the team but was hospitalized as we went into the playoffs so we picked up Bruce MacDougall from Chelmsford to fill my position. The goaltender to the right in the photo is Bruce MacDougall. I did manage to sneak into the photo which was taken shortly after I was released from hospital. - Thank you Nathan, it is now corrected