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I came across this January 1968 article, which may be of Capreol’s first Zamboni. Any chance you could locate a better quality photo of the ice-shaver or perhaps some trivia? Did the Capreol Zamboni have a nickname? (similar to Old Betsy or Bullet Nosed Betty). Has there ever been any celebrity Capreol Zamboni drivers?

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(Ok folks. Do you have astory about Capreol's first 'Zamboni'? Send it to us

CAPREOL – The Capreol Community Arena has received a mechanical ice shaver from the Womens Auxiliary to the Arena Board. Mrs. Rita Hawreluk, wife of Mike Hawreluk,
brakeman and president of the W.A. (second from left) presents the ice shaver to Don Nelson, financial secretary of the Board and manager of National Steel’s Moose Mountain Mine here.

Looking on is the executive of the W.A. Left to right: Mrs. Bev. Smart, wife of Jim Smart, brakeman; Mrs. Lil Vaillancourt, wife of Edgar Vaillancourt, conductor; Mrs. Rita Lennox, wife of Ralph Lennox, locomotive
engineer; and Mrs. Carol Constantin, wife of Ray Constantin, office assistant.

Nelson said: “We are most happy to receive this piece of equipment. It means that we will be able to have more ice time, and more ice time means more productive time for the Arena and more community participation in Arena activities. Because of the Auxiliary’s efforts,” he said, “It has not been necessary for us to approach Town Council for financial assistance and that makes Auxiliary members VIP’s in Capreol. The W.A. has also made a sizeable donation towards the new artificial ice plant. Bev. Smart, treasurer of the W.A. says their membership now stands at 82 which numbers should be substantially increased before they start on their next project.