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October 12, 2005
Are you in this photo?
Tim Ball writes: I have been going through the boxes of pictures that my dad had left me. I've found a few gems and I thought that I would share them with you and the people of Capreol. Unfortunately, I only recognize one person in these pictures. That would be Armand Sbrega in the Ella Lake 1 picture.
If you can identify anyone in this photo and/or know when it was taken please email us
Alex Nepitt writes:
Alex Nepitt Jr. is holding the gas can. Mrs. Kay Mohns is sitting on the left of the pole. I believe the guy with the beer on the right is Mooch Delgreco (ask Rudy ). Year is 1945/47.
Rita Christiansen writes:
There just a few faces I recognize and I may be mistaken of course. In this picture, foreground --Frank Mazucca and Alec Nepitt. Behind them perhaps Mayor Bill Gibson and the lady next to him could be Mrs. Bechamp. In the first picture--In the foreground the statuesque lady in the center has to be Mrs. Price, I recognize the woman to her left but can't recall her name. If that's Armand Sbrega in the right foreground then the chap next to him could be Augie Nepit. Too bad that the photos were not dated and the occasion recorded.